Provide critical agency leadership, counsel and support utilizing our extensive resources

Conceptualize and implement strategic and cohesive public relations programs

Establish and implement a communications structure, including consistent client-agency dialogue through weekly calls and regular on-site meetings

Activate internal system of checks and balances to ensure constant efficiency and continuous evaluation of progress and success

Targeted media lists to include long and short lead regional and national publications, websites and blogs, trade magazines and TV outlets

Detailed monthly activity timeline to correspond with news, announcements and expansion plans

Monitoring of editorial calendars and communication with editors to seek out opportunities

Provide prompt and comprehensive reporting spanning all public relations and marketing activities


Hubb House PR is a lifestyle agency known for its tremendous access within the entertainment, sports, music, fashion, art and culinary communities. Our relationships include direct access to actors, producers, agents, publicists, musicians, fashion icons, athletes, managers, DJs, stylists, directors, etc.
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